Friday, May 25, 2012

Featured Item in an Etsy Treasury!

Yoga bags. 

They have been my latest venture in the sewing world. I love that I can create something from an idea in my head. Sometimes it turns out, and sometimes not so much. The yoga bag idea came to me as I was looking to explore new types of bags to make. I had never made a yoga bag before, and I didn't have a pattern. In fact I had not made a bag with rounded ends since middle school in my home economics class. (A looong time ago) So, why not make my own pattern? After about of week of sewing and seam ripping, cutting, re-sewing, and more seam ripping I finally got it right!

I tend to make things more difficult than need be, in all aspects of my life... But the feeling I get after something great turns out from my own idea, and the execution, is addictive. I posted the first yoga bag that I made on Etsy as a trial. Just to see the response and desire. Well, two days later I sold the first bag! A new record for me! Thus came the collection of yoga bags I have so far on Etsy. I would like to make more, and different variations...even some for men, but not so "cutesy." 

Yesterday on Etsy this yoga bag was featured in a treasury! My first featured item! It's a great feeling to know that some body out their in "internet-land" admired my work enough to add it to their collection of items. It was also added to the Pinterest board Yoga Finds, Online Yoga Stores

       LARGE Yoga Bag Tree and Cherry Blossoms in Mustard Handmade

The Etsy treasury can be viewed here:

Well, I'm off to have some more coffee and get started on making more bags. A new yoga bag, in fact, will be posted on Etsy today. Thank you for the support, and keep checking Its Sew Lola on Etsy for new styles of yoga bags, and handbags coming soon!

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