Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Welcome to Its Sew Lola's blog. I know, I know...everyone has a blog these days. I have had a few in the past, and lost interest. But alas! I am here to stay for this one. I'm feeling a little pressure to write this first post though. Not because I am a horrible writer, rather I feel this is the beginning of a new venture for me. Why would you want to follow me? Who cares, right? Well, I'll be honest. I can't answer that right now. What I can say is that I love to be creative. Even more, I would love to share my ideas, thoughts, and projects with you...whoever "you" is out there. So, stay. Read. Laugh. Try out a few new recipes. Whatever your purpose is to follow me, I'm sure we will be lovely friends. So, I'll talk to you soon friend! 

(and Lola)

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